Welcome to Paul Bertsch Music

If you are new to the site and to our music, here’s what might be helpful:

  1. We play a steady schedule of live shows, both with the full band and Paul solo. Learn where and when we’re playing here!
  2. We’ve released 5 full length albums of original material. Purchase them here or listen on your favorite streaming service!

Martians and Earthlings is Here!!! (July 2022)

I’m very excited to announce the release of my 5th CD, titled “Martians and Earthlings”. This is my “pandemic project”, 15 songs covering all kinds of topics…Marriage, faith, politics, mental health, music and well, just plain fun. Purchase the new CD or check it out on Spotify, Apple Music, etc. in July or purchase a CD from me direct! (And don’t forget to check out our entire library of albums!).

Buy the CD here


Remnant Highway is Here!

Order the CD HERE now or Download/Stream HERE.

Listen to tunes from 4 albums of The Paul Bertsch Band on Spotify here:


Below are a few tunes from Remnant Highway, the band’s 2020 release. We are excited for you to hear these songs and our three other CD’s available for purchase.

Remnant Highway Song Titles

  1. Heirloom
  2. Since the Earth Was Flat
  3. The Rest of You
  4. That’s the Way We Do It
  5. Count to Ten
  6. Remnant Highway
  7. Netherlands
  8. I’ve Slept Since Then
  9. Cannibals
  10. A New Year’s Song
  11. Person of Peace
  12. Fly to Mexico
That’s the Way We Do It

Buy the CD here…

Remnant Highway CD

2020 release of 12 original songs by the Paul Bertsch Band.


Stream or Download Remnant Highway HERE!

Purchase other CDs by The Paul Bertsch Band here

We are currently booking shows for  2022.  Are you looking for entertainment for your venue, private party, corporate event, benefit or church outreach?  We would LOVE to connect with you.  

Visit Mozambique with us as you enjoy Red Dirt Road from our 2011 Album

16 Responses to Welcome to Paul Bertsch Music

  1. Sara Farmer says:

    This is so exciting! Congratulations, Paul!
    Great to hear from you….


  2. bret miller says:

    Congratulations on your new cd! Where can we get a copy? We have been busy with kids activities, but plan to get back into the studio soon to make a new cd. Great hearing from you! Bret and Frisk Miller


    • Paul says:

      Hi Bret, Great to hear from you. I think I’d recommend just ordering it on my site if you want the CD (paulbertschmusic.com). But it’s on all the digital distributors, too (iTunes, etc.) So you’ll be recording soon? I think of you guys pretty often, especially when I hear an America song! Singing Powderfinger together was a highlight, too! How was smallmouth fishing this season?


  3. I’m buying this (and “The Traveller”) as soon as I get home tonight! Then I’ll have both of your albums, both of Marty Feldhake’s, AND my copy of “Chatterbox Cafe ’93”!

    Any chance I can get an autographed copy? I promise I will NOT turn around and sell it on eBay! 🙂

    “Sing that sweet, sweet song of salvation; and let your laughter fill the air!
    Sing that sweet, sweet song of salvation to all the people everywhere!
    Sing that sweet, sweet song of salvation to every man in every nation!
    Sing that sweet, sweet song of salvation; and let the people know that Jesus cares!”

    So glad to see via Facebook that you’re still out there makin’ music for the Lord! Blessings to you and yours!


    • Paul says:

      Hi Howard, Nice to hear from you and glad you are beefing up your “Cedar Campus Collection”! I’m happy to add to it. Hope you enjoy them. I loved the Larry Norman reference…So sad to see him pass awhile back. Paul


  4. Hey Paul. It’s great to connect with you again! Wonderful to see you’re still making music, and to see that your ministry with IVCF still continues. May God “make permanent the work of your hands” (Ps. 90:17).



    • Paul says:

      Brad, So great to hear from you. I do think of you often. How are you and Melissa? Love to hear what is going on in your music world. Are you still a worship pastor? Hope we can stay in touch a little bit in the months to come!


  5. jessica martin says:

    Hello paul. Great to see you doing so well.


  6. Lori Rhoades Daugherty says:

    Hello, Paul. I found your website through Stan Tunison on FB (someone had posted a
    high school photo of you playing guitar and asked if anyone recognized the guy in the photo. I enjoyed watching your videos. You have a great sound. I have been teaching piano and voice for several years. We were in the same graduating class at GCHS; don’t know if you remember me. I just wanted to say hello. Take care!


    • Paul says:

      Hi Lori! So great to hear from you. Thrilled you have been teaching all of these years. I remember you well! Thanks for the encouraging words. Blessings to you and hope we can cross paths at some point down the road! Paul


  7. Jeff Harshbarger says:

    Who’s on Dill?


  8. Anthony B. Byergo says:

    Just heard you on Jango. Thought it was a Neil Young song I hadn’t heard. Excellent. If you are ever in Seattle area, I would definitely try to see you.


    • Paul Bertsch says:

      Hi Anthony…Thanks much for the encouragement. My influence from Neil is not hard to hear! He was always my guy growing up. Glad you enjoyed it. My live playing is pretty limited to Indiana. We do have a new CD coming out late this summer…I’ll keep you posted. Plenty of Neil influence on it, as well. Have a great day.


  9. Robert and Isabella Gostner says:

    Hi Paul, -saw your website and that you’re a very fine and busy musician. Great!! Hope you and your family are very well. So we are 😉 Greetings, Robert and Isabella from Austria, Salzburg.


    • Paul Bertsch says:

      It is SO good to hear from you! Thank you for writing. Honestly, each year I take time to search for you online…We all have changed email addresses so much that I lost you! I’m so happy to reconnect. My email is: paul.bertsch@gmail.com. phone is 1+ 812-229-0301. Perhaps we could have a conversation sometime on Zoom or some other format. I would love to hear about you and your family and, well, everything! Is your email i.gostner@wasi.tv? Hope we can connect soon! Paul


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